Presiding Bishop & Peter K discuss wellness in The Episcopal Church

Bishop Katherine interview

Watch Peter K interview the Presiding Bishop

As part of its 2010 initiative to help foster a culture of wellness throughout the church, the Episcopal Church Medical Trust has produced a 20-minute video featuring Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori in which she shares her views on health and wellness in the church today. There are tailored versions of the video for clergy and lay employees.

Speaking with author and fitness lifestyle expert Peter K, creator of  ”5 Minutes to Fitness” (part of a holistic approach to living a healthier life through healthy eating, exercise, and mind/body success), the presiding bishop explains how the teachings of Jesus and the Bible have inspired her to view fitness as a means of gaining the strength to serve the church to her fullest capacity.

The presiding bishop discusses the need for people of faith to integrate the life of the mind, body, and spirit in a holistic way, as well as the growing need for clergy to take care of themselves while encouraging their congregations to take a healthy approach to living.

“A runner, hiker, climber, former oceanographer, and active instrument-rated pilot, Jefferts Schori is a remarkable role model,” a news release from Church Pension Group said. In the video, the presiding bishop outlines her strategies for maintaining optimal wellness despite her busy schedule.

“We are very excited to present her personal philosophy of health and wellness to the Episcopal Church,” said Laurie Kazilionis, vice president of national sales, marketing and client relations, the Medical Trust. “It is truly inspirational.”

DVD copies of the video were sent to all diocesan bishops and administrators, and to canons to the ordinary. “We hope they will share the video with their clergy, staffs, associates, and congregations,” said Libby Miller, vice president of clinical management and member education, the Medical Trust. “It’s a great educational tool.”

The video can be viewed on the CPG website here.

“We invite everyone to see it and be inspired by the presiding bishop’s simple and practical messages of achieving a healthy balance in life and of caring for ourselves so that we can be well to serve,” said Miller.

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