Stress reducer- Disengagement and refocusing: Try this….

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stress- Nature Trails

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, helpless, even a slight tightness in your chest?  I know, dumb question right? Well what can we do about it?  I have a technique I use very often with my clients and myself- insight: I get these feelings too.

Try these powerful stress strategies to disengage from your current thought process. (Hint- your current thought process is what keeps you stuck feeling this way)

  • Disengage from what you’re doing completely. Do this when you don’t know what to do to feel better. Examples- get up from your desk and walk outside, or go somewhere you’ve never been before or talk to a total stranger- anything to engage your mind in a unique behavior or activity that it must focus on instead of how lousy you feel.
  • Smile as big as you can and think about a favorite place you’d love to be right now.
  • Take 3 deep breaths and relax your shoulders while sitting or standing as tall as you can.
  • Now that you broke your negative thought cycle, come up with one simple action step to directly affect why you’re feeling stressed.
  • Take that step right now. Don’t wait. When you take a step toward addressing your stress you will empower yourself.
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