“Is it ok to eat cookies when trying to be healthy?”

Join the Fit Friends’ Revolution, have your health and eat your cookie too :-)


During a corporate wellness webinar I gave on Wall St. yesterday, a woman asked me if cookies could be part of a healthy lifestyle.  My answer….. wait for it……. YES.  Just not the one pictured above :-)

Of course you can have a cookie or two and still live a healthy lifestyle.  Here’s what I recommend and what I teach my 3 kids about the cookie enigma.  Please feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite healthy cookie secrets.

  • Choose cookies with only 5 or 6 ingredients that you can recognize- No high fructose syrup, chemicals or dyes
  • Try to buy fruit juice sweetened or pure sources of sugar like cane sugar, stevia and agave
  • Buy organic when you can
  • Always eat the recommended serving size or less (good luck with this one :-)
  • One of my clients makes her own whole wheat chocolate chip cookies with her kids- Awesome!
  • Never call cookies treats or use them as rewards

So go ahead, have your cookie and your health too.  Remember you are in control, you have power.

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