Happy Father’s Day: Adjust your rearview mirror

alexander in rearview

I drive my son Alexander to school several times per week. Most of the time we have great fun talking or he asks me to “zoom” the car or play our favorite song, “You’ve got a friend in me” from the movie Toy Story.  It’s our special time. But sometimes I realize we drive all the way to school and I missed the time with him because I was consumed by thoughts about work, money, projects and who knows what else.

One morning I took a picture of him in the backseat because he was so excited from our ride and to go to school and I wanted to remember the moment.  I told my friend about it and he said, sometimes we have to remember to adjust our rearview mirrors and pay attention to what we see in them.  Today I will definitely adjust my rearview and smile.

Happy Father’s Day!

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