Are you a working mom or know one? Take a bow

Peter K and Cyndie at work life congress

I was invited to the, Work Life Congress in NYC recently.  I was surrounded by smart, hard working, exciting women (did I mention I love my job :-) , including my good friend, colleague and club member, Cyndie. She’s one of the special women who attended, who on a daily basis balance work & family and still make time to take care of their health.

This is a long overdue shout-out to working mom’s everywhere- You’re incredible! To balance kids, work, kids, schedules, kids, husbands and kids makes you the dominant gender in many ways. Thank you for doing what you do and making our lives better for knowing you.  If you know a working mom, let’s thank them today and make sure they know how much we appreciate how much they do.

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  • Great post! I am also a working mom and it is good to know that i can still balance my work and my family. It’s really hard to do the same chores :D