How to save some calories during the Super Bowl; If you want to

I put that caveat in the title because, you may be eating great and exercising great, and it’s fine to splurge once in a while. However, if you’re interested in saving some calories with healthier super bowl options, this blogs for you.

I’m traveling today on Super Bowl Sunday, and although I don’t watch sports, I do watch this game every year with my family, mostly for the commercials and food. My kids were disappointed I wasn’t going to be around, so last week we had a mock super bowl party and here’s some of what we served. BTW- The kids gave it 2 thumbs up- the highest rating in my house.


BTW- Club member Pam (she lost 30 lbs), told me she was eating only 5 wings and would exercise Saturday and Sunday and not feel guilty about eating. She emailed me Saturday that she did her work out. Great planning Pam!

Roasted chicken wings

  •  This recipe couldn’t be simpler. Place all natural hormone free chicken wings on a tray and put in a preheated 400 degree oven and cook for 40 minutes turning over once, half way through. Remove from oven and toss in your favorite wing sauce. we did teriyaki and Franks Hot Sauce. Amazing and only about 70 cals per wing.


  •  This is a favorite in my house. The fat from the avocado is full of omega 3′s so enjoy the taste and health. About 44 cals per 2 tablespoons. See recipe here and you can throw in black beans for kicks.

Veggie antipasta

  •  I love a meat antipasta but I thought we’d try all veggies this time. It was a hit! I picked it up at the olive bar at my local supermarket. Simple! About 20 cals per oz or 2 tbsp. Go crazy.

Flax seed tortilla chips

  •  I’m a tortilla chip snob, usually. We picked up these chips with flax seeds from Trader Joes. I would rate them as good, regarding taste, but the flax seeds made them even better. 1 oz = 120 cals

Seltzer with cranberry

  •  We love this drink and you can save 50 calories per glass. In a glass, pour half cranberry juice, and half flavored seltzer with a lime. You’ll feel like you’re having a mixed drink. Less than 50 cals per glass.

Other ideas

  •  Vegetarian chili
  • Vodka with seltzer and lime
  • Baked chips
  • Salsa dip
  • Turkey sliders


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