Have you read these diet books. Have they helped?

The picture above was sent to me by a new health coaching client before our first session. She says she’s tried it all but nothing has “clicked”.  Things “click” when we are ready to hear the click. Clicks go on around us everyday; often we’re too distracted to hear them.

Getting healthy is relatively simple; eat great, move your body and direct your thoughts toward what you want. Simple, but not easy because the mind gets in the way. If you don’t look and feel the way you want, there’s nothing wrong with you. Just go back to the basics:

  • Move your body today, in a way that feels good, for at least 5 minutes. Smile while doing it.
  • Choose one or two super foods that will give you energy and vitality: salmon, green tea, almonds, kale, quinoa, beans
  • Direct your mind to focus on what you want most today. Don’t wait and don’t let yourself get distracted.
  • Bonus- Help someone else get what they want today. Serving others with genuine compassion will help you serve your self.

You have something special to accomplish. Get your mind and body ready for it.

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