Sonoma County Edition: Tequila, fresh food, & Alison and I have a confession

I’m back on the road in Sonoma County, then off to Seattle, Washington. I spent 2 days in Sonoma and below is what I ate on day 1.

Confession: On day 2, Alison and I were traveling together and it was her birthday. So after a long day in Sonoma, then a 2 hour flight to Seattle, we somehow ended up in a bar, and somehow a glass of wine, beer, 1 burger medium rare, cut in half, and a quatro cheese gourmet pizza miraculously appeared in front of us. Neither of us have any explanation regarding how the food appeared (we’re not talking), but what could we do but eat it all! :-) The next morning we were up and doing our bands by 5 am, with a queasy stomach on my part. The morale; we celebrated Alison’s b-day, and that’s good enough reason to let loose a little. In the interest of full disclosure, we had already eaten a mediocre dinner in San Francisco airport.

In Sonoma I realized I wouldn’t mind driving along a rolling valley lined with perfectly rowed grape vines, stretching out as far as you can see, everyday.  I tried to put my iPhone down and enjoy the ride, scenery and the company, and I was successful. It rejuvenated me.

Here’s what I ate, day 1 Sonoma:

3am wakeup, drive to aiport

6:30 am Breakfast- airport:

  • Starbucks protein plate = 400 cals
  • Green tea = 0 cals
  • Water = 0 cals

11am Lunch/snacks- Airplane:

  • Kind bar = 190 cals
  • Peanuts = 70 cals
  • Water = 0 cals

12 pm, Drive from San Francisco to Sonoma

6 pm Dinner- Mateo’s Cocina Latina (awesome restaurant in Healdsburg, CA, renowned for wine tastings.) 3 of us sampled 3 apps and 2 entrees including:

  • Cod Ceviche
  • Guacamole with olive oil
  • Carmelized Squash


  • Wild Salmon with swiss chard and habanero sauce
  • Salmon with pureed black bean salsa and tortilla
  • 1 small 2 oz margarita with a smoky flavor
  • Ice cream over sweet bread split by 3
Estimated cals for dinner = 1000 cals

Total cals for day = 1660. Lower than my 2000 cal BMR

See you in Seattle!



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