Seattle Edition: Rain, Parkinson’s Disease, & the redeye

Of course it snowed while I was in Seattle, just so I’d feel at home :-)

I woke up excited about speaking to a new audience.  I ask for volunteers during my presentation, and the right people seem to volunteer at the right times.  I asked for someone to come up with Alison and me to demonstrate the 5 Minutes to Fitness band exercises. A man raised his hand and I hesitantly called on him.  The reason I hesitated; I spotted him earlier and saw his hands trembling, a classic sign of Parkinson’s disease. He cautiously limped up toward the stage, using a cane.  I gently placed the bands in his hands and stood behind him, ready to brace him if necessary. To my surprise and hope, he performed the exercises perfectly, without any assistance.  He then walked back to his seat, without his cane.

Afterwards he bought my fitness kit and we spoke. I asked him why he volunteered. He said, “I have to do anything I can to help myself as my disease worsens.” I asked him if he was nervous to volunteer. He said yes, but felt he had to do it anyway to see if he could do the exercise, and if they’d be helpful. Imagine thinking that way about our own health goals; making them a matter of life and death, like this man did, and stepping out of our comfort zone.

Here’s what I ate:

4:45 am Wake and 20 minute band workout with Alison in hotel gym.  (We attached our bands to an elliptical machine and workout off last nights b-day meal).

7 am Business call with NY

7:15 am Breakfast- I was not hungry because of last nights meal and had a light breakfast. We were also in a rush to get to the presentation location. (It’s important to eat breakfast to increase metabolism, as well as eating protein and good carbs within 30 minutes of a workout, but sometimes circumstances derail us. Just get back on track with your next meal if this happens.)

  • Banana = 100 cals
  • Green tea = 0 cals

9 am Presentation, Water, Tea

12 pm Lunch (lunch was very limited, the choices being, a simple salad and sandwiches on white bread)

  • Green salad with veggies from veggie sandwich (discarded bread) = 200 cals
  • Water

3 pm taxi to airport

5 pm Dinner- Airport:

  • Grilled wild salmon over noodles with sautéed veggies (I ate half the noodles because they provide little nutrition and lots of sugar. I could have chosen white rice instead but that lacks nutritional benefit as well and I thought noodles would at least taste better. Both choices were lame, nutritionally speaking. I should have asked for extra vegetables.) = 350 cals
  • Red Wine = 100 cals
  • Water = 0 cals

6 pm Flight to Salt Lake City with 2 hour stopover then board redeye to JFK NYC.

Snack on flight

  • Kind bar = 190 cals
  • Water = 0 cals

10 pm After dinner snack- Airport- Salt Lake City, Utah:

  • Chips and guacamole = 500 cals
  • 1 beer = 167 cals

6 am- land in NY- happy to be home :-)

Total cals = 1507. Still below my 2000 cal BMR

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