Introducing Pam’s Blog: She lost 30 pounds, but still has a top ten excuses list

Who knew I would one day become a dentist.  Yes, sometimes it’s like pulling teeth, but Pam finally submitted her first blog :-) Pam, you know I don’t give up when I see great potential in someone.

I’d like to welcome Pam to our blog team. Don’t be misled by what she wrote below; she’s a success story. She used the Fit lifestyle Tracker, BMR+ and the 5 Minutes to Fitness workout to change her body and lose 30 lbs. Read about her here >

Here’s your challenge. Can you change the meaning of all of her excuses below to help her succeed? Leave your comments below.

So Peter has been asking me to write a blog for weeks now and just like exercising I have every excuse in the book why I can’t.  Starting with I’m to tired.  That would be my number one excuse for everything.  I’m the mom of a very spunky 2 year old girl and a smarty pants 4 year old girl.  Don’t get me wrong they are great kids but my life as a stay at home mom is equivalent of a salmon swimming up stream.  I’m constantly picking up after them. How many times in one day can I pick up the pillows off the floor?
So here are my top 10 excuse on why I don’t have time to exercise or blog:
10. I need a nap!
9. Kids or I have appointments
8. Kids have a play date
7. I have to put away the laundry
6. Kids want me to play with them
5. I have no time
4. I have to clean the house
3. I have phone calls to make
2. I have errands to run
1. I’m to tired
Hopefully, I will not to have anymore of these excuses not to exercise or blog and you will be able to see my progress as I try to continue to stay healthy and lose some more weight.
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