What’s the one thing that helps you be & stay healthy

Every time I coach a client, I learn something new. Usually it’s about a nutrition technique that helps them eat healthy throughout the day, their favorite part of  a workout or new move, or a thought or belief that helps them stay focused.

I spoke at an office in NY recently and I asked a young girl who wanted to lose 60 lbs why she wanted to lose the weight. She said because she wanted to look better and have more confidence so she could motivate others to be healthy. A great goal that takes the focus off herself and helps her serve others with her healthy lifestyle.

So, Iwant to ask you, what works for you? What do you do that keeps you healthy and fit, or helps you refocus or stay focused? What if a child was asking you this question. What would you say to a child to motivate them to be healthy? Leave a comment below.

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  • Tammy

    I have recently made changes to a lot of my day with mostly fruits and vegetables during the day. I am energized!! What would I say to a child to motivate them to be healthy? I would say…..what do you dream that your life will be like this summer, next year, when you are able to go to your first prom, drive your first car?? Can you see yourself jumping on the bed?? Lots of energy? That’s what foods grown from our own green earth gives us! Berries, vegetables, nuts, give us the energy to do everything that we wish! Too many sweets can slow us down…..so try it….eat the good stuff and see how far you can pedal your bike….and invite mom and dad to go with you!! :)