Spring 5K was a success! Join us for the next one…

I’m happy to announce, everyone who came to the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Club 5K completed the walk/run!  Awesome job to everyone who came. If you couldn’t make it, we’d love to see you next time. Stay tuned for the next 5K race announcement.

Several kids came, including my 11 and 4 year old daughter and son, and Liza’s daughter Emily was there again.  We love her. And they did it without any complaints, (or bathroom emergencies :-) .  Go kids!!

Some special highlights- Lori brought her mother in her wheelchair and pushed it the entire 3.1 miles, Liza brought her whole family except for 1 son, and of course our very own Susan completed her 2nd 5K. One word- Awesome!

My thanks go out to the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Club Team, Jane, Elana, Elizabeth and Matt. You guys rock!

Thank you to my friends at Latham & Watkins and NRI who were there with us. It was great to see you!

And a special congratulations to those who did it for the first time, as well as congrats to the veterans. I was so proud to take the picture above. Please make sure to mark this and any accomplishment as a big step forward in your continuing health journey.

Thank you for being there and see you next time!


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