Success Story: John loses 35 pounds…

I never met John in person, we’ve spoken once or twice by phone and I respected him immediately because he was honest about his weight and health and his need to make changes. He was also ready to change, an essential ingredient for success.

He joined the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Club on recommendation from a colleague. When I told him it only costs $9.95 per month and he gets a free fitness kit and phone consultation with me, he said, “Sign me up, when can I start?”  Smart man :-)

John’s success status is below. He is a consultant so he is doing his transformation in steps:

  • Lost 35 pounds by following his BMR+ (tracking calories) If you follow this, you will lose weight!
  • Doing his bands workout (has a shoulder issue so is taking it slow; told him to view our shoulder workout here >)
  • Doesn’t have to see his endocrinologist anymore since he lost weight (amazing!)

Feel free to leave any words of congratulations and encouragement for John. He’s one of us :-)

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