New Workout Coming! Build muscles, bones and brains with one workout…

Susan, my client and our resident blogger, gave me a special gift that changed my life; a book.  Little does she know that the book will change her life too, very soon.

The book is called “Spark” by John Ratey, MD.

Basically, it reminds us of the benefits of exercise; more muscle, a stronger heart, weight loss and tone arms & rear.  The new science is that is also makes us smarter, less depressed, more motivated and improves relationships.

That “sparked” me to create a revolutionary new exercise routine;

The 20 Minute Mind Body Workout.

I’ve been experimenting with my team, using them and myself as lab rats, and the results are remarkeable!

As a member of the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Club you will have first access to it. Here’s a sneak peak:

Start by looking over your goal sheet, then do total body exercises, run (or fast walk), more total body exercises, then sprints (or fast walking) and finish with total body exercises. Review your goal sheet and set new goals.  You’ll have done every key component of exercise:

  • Elevated heart rate (cardiovascular (heart) benefit)
  • Resistance training- stronger bones and muscles = increased metabolism, burns fat
  • Sprint interval training- releases human growth hormone (natures fountain of youth)
  • Goal review- keys up the mind to focus on what you want, reviewing goals afterwards directs the brain to connect nerves with neurotransmitters, which your workout just created
  • Benefits- balance serotonin, dopamine, and norephinephrine in the brain as well as generating new nerves and creating new powerful nerve connections (learning)

In the end you are not only more fit, your are smarter, more motivated, focused, and eventually become addicted to your exercise routine.

I’m looking for 10 volunteers to try this revolutionary workout, with my personal health coaching. Stay tuned for the details or send me an email to be put on the waiting list here >

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