Peter K Open’s Working Mother’s 2012 Work Life Congress!


Imagine having 400 working mothers, from the 100 best companies to work for in the US,  in one room for 30 minutes.  That’s was Peter’s audience recently as he gave the Signature Opening: Creating your Best Work Life Future, By Creating Your Best You.

Peter said,” The presentation was a result of attending the conference last year, making a point of meeting the founder and telling her what a great conference it was, and that I wanted to speak next year.  I had a vision; speaking at the conference, and I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked for what I wanted. I knew this audience would love to hear about getting healthy, starting with just 5 minutes a day.  I’m proud of what everyone at Peter K Fitness did to make this event a huge success!. Thank you.”

Peter asking the audience what they want most and why

The presentation was filled with music, laughing, dancing, and most importantly, focusing on why everyone in the audience wanted to get healthy.  Peter asked for a volunteer and courageous woman got up on stage and told Peter she wanted to get health so she could help her 7 year son who is obese.

Peter and a volunteer figuring out what's really important in health and life

The audience rallied behind her and she connected eating, exercise, and the motivation to do it, to saving her son’s life.  The session ended with a great song as Peter reminded everyone to focus on what’s special about them, and what their purpose in life was. You know the song, “Just The Way You Are”, by Bruno Mars.

Thank you to Working Mother for the great work you do and letting Peter K Fitness be part of it!!

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