How to Get Kids/Teens to Exercise; a Sample Workout

Recently,  I experienced one of my proudest moments as a health coach, and more importantly, a father.  My 3 kids are part of our club 5K training program and we started training recently. At night my girls said, “Daddy, wake us up at 6am so we can train with you.”  In the morning they got up by themselves, got dressed to workout and were ready to go by 5:50 am.  I didn’t ask them to do it.  This is why they said they did it:

Anna: “I wanted to train to be healthy and strong and I didn’t want to be late for school”

Emma: “I got up early to be with you and be healthy and strong”

Below is our training plan that you can use with your kids or for yourself to get ready for a 5K or just get fit:

kids 5k training 1

Start with 5 minutes of running or combo of 1 minute walk, 1 minute run.

kids 5k training 2

Next do a 5 minute circuit of resistance exercises.  You can do my 5 Minutes to Fitness band workout or set up a circuit of squats, chin-ups, lunges, pushups or whatever exercises you like.

kids 5k training 3

Next do 5 minutes of sprints.  Walk the length of the field, have the kids do their favorite move, like a cartwheel, then race them to the end of the field, (I bribed them with a dollar if they beat me with a head start). Walk back to the other end of the field while telling them things like, how proud you are of them and how they are getting stronger hearts, legs and bodies and you can’t believe how fast they’ve become. Repeat for 5 minutes.

kids 5k training 4

Finally, let them choose the activity for the last 5 minutes.

Optional: If you’re kids are used to running during sports you can run for longer periods with them.

What you end up with is a 20 minute workout that incorporates cardio and resistance training, creates a positive exercise experience, quality time with your kids to mold their perceptions of living a healthy lifestyle, and a chance to be a great role model to the people you love most in the world. Everyone wins.

Please send in your healthy family ideas. What works for you as a family?  I’d love to hear from you!


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