Healthy on the Go: Texas Edition- Randall Loses 80 Pounds! How?

I first met Randall 2 years ago, when I spoke at a conference in Texas.  Since then, he’s lost 80 pounds and has become a nutrition and exercise enthusiast, motivating others as well.

How did Randall change his life?  He says, “It’s all because of your presentation. I heard what you said about getting a vision and changing your life through health, and a couple of months later it all clicked.”  Randall lost the weight, but more importantly, got his life back, and is now eating mostly plant based, with very little processed grains, and no processed foods.  He works out using his resistance bands and with a trainer to keep himself accountable.

I did a group workout while in Texas, using my new PK Spark Workout (more about that soon) and he kicked butt!

He says he doesn’t miss the fatty and sugary foods, and has more energy than he has in years.  He’s promised to stay in touch and when he visits his son in NY we promised to grab a cup of green tea together.

If you’re interested in changing your life, like Randall, and being the one who says, “I did it”, look into my health coaching sessions. They will help you get a plan, and stick to it for good this time. You don’t have to do this alone anymore.

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