How To Be Healthy in 2013

How’s your new year going?  I’ve already heard some friends say they’ve fallen off their new year’s resolution wagon to be fit. Or, they don’t know where to start.  I have a solution for them, and you.  I’m inviting you to join us for our brand new 6 Week Health Program that starts on Sunday January 20th.

Many people have expressed interest in the past for this program.  Some of you are local and some are not. Here’s how the program will work to try to accommodate everyone.  BTW- This program is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.
  • The 6 week program will consist of 2 weekly meetings (1 live meeting with workout for local people, and 1 online meeting for everyone)
  • Local people to Northern NJ (Bergen County- Ridgewood)  will meet in person Sunday mornings at 6:45am in Ridgewood, NJ (site to be determined) If you have to miss one or 2 meetings that’s ok.- This will consist of a 30 minute meeting and 20 minute workout.
  • Local and non local people- Everyone will be part of a weekly online/phone call. Time and day TBD- The Purpose of the call is to give you health information and allow you to check in and stay accountable.
  • What’s the program? The program will consist of my new eating and exercise plan, as well as info on stress, motivation, injury prevention, etc. I will give you a suggested weekly workout and eating plan.
  • We will anonymously track our waist size, weight, and other biometrics.
  • Cost- The total investment is only $150 for the entire 6 week program.  You must have my fitness kit ($20) and new mini ankle bands ($4)
Summary- in 6 weeks you will learn the latest health strategies, lose or gain weight, if that’s your goal, and stay accountable in a very supportive environment. You will be part of something very special and I hope you will participate in this fun, supportive and life improving journey with me.
If you are interested please contact me right now for more information or to sign up. Contact Peter K via email or 877-364-7383.
Looking forward to a happy and healthy new year together in 2013!
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