Healthy On The Go: Washington, DC- Fast Food Rules


I’m on the train to DC as I write. Traveling, and anytime you leave your front door for that matter, presents many healthy eating challenges. Here’s how to make healthy choices simple, no matter where you are.  Note, this will take some determination to eat healthy on your part and discrimination regarding what you put into your mouth.  You don’t have to eat this way always, just when out and about.

- Choose plant based foods- vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, whole grains

- 5 ingredients or less- all ingredients recognizable, pronounceable, whole

- Avoid all animal based foods, including dairy & meat, unless they are in natural (whole) form, and organic

- Avoid all processed, fatty, sugary and artificial foods

Following these rules will remove 90% of foods from your choice. They will be the unhealthiest foods you want to avoid anyway.

FYI- 90% of the food you eat out is genetically modified.

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