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“Peter’s 4 hour presentation at GE’s annual conference for our global medical personnel was beyond my highest expectations!  He was dynamic, knowledgeable, articulate, funny, personable,organized and motivational. I highly recommend him as an exceptional and unique presenter who can motivate and empower all participants to lead healthy lives for themselves, their families and- Full Testimonial Here >
Beverly Doran
Associate Director of Nursing

“Peter, you were a hit!  My reps were very impressed with your presentation and demonstration. Although we had 8 hours of interactive wellness and benefits discussion, your ½ hour presence is what everyone will remember the most!  It was my pleasure and lots of fun working with you today”
Fran Ruderman
Senior Dir Benefits and Compensation

“Peter’s background and unique set of skills as a nutritionist, physical therapist, motivator, and health coach are unmatched and make him a tremendous presenter. He captivates the audience with his passion, energy and intelligence. Peter’s teaching are transformative and we look forward to creating future experiences with him that not only fit, but enhance our organizational culture. I’d highly recommend Peter to organizations looking to educate their workforce and form a culture of health and wellness.”
Jason Dinerman
Manager, Benefit Programs and Wellness.
Barnes Group Inc.

“Peter’s background and skill-set make him an excellent presenter.  He captivates the audience with his passion, energy and intelligence.  Peter’s teaching is informative and I personally recommend him to organizations looking to educate their workforce on health and wellness.”
John Caliente
Co-Chair Montvale Local Action Council

“Everyone listed your Keynote and presentations at the top of their lists for things they liked best about the 4 day annual conference! I just wanted to write to you and express my gratitude for what you did for our clients and for our staff.  I think we can all say that it was by far our most successful conference. We may have just found our “Tipping Point”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Libby Miller
VP Wellness
Episcopal Church Medical Trust

“Peter K was an excellent presenter of fitness and wellness instruction for our Staff. While getting people to “take time from their busy schedules” to attend our presentations is usually a problem, Peter’s sessions brought them out in great numbers. By the end of the three-part program, there was a committed “Peter K Group” who still ask about having the services and presentations repeated. If it weren’t for our competing benefits programs and limited budget, Peter K would be invited back each year. He is well-worth the time to get to know him and to build a program that works for your organization!”
Gordon L. Barger
Associate Chief HR Officer
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Thank you so much!  After a long, four day conference, you were just what we needed. The audience came in the room lethargic and uninterested, and left the room feeling motivated and energetic.  You had everyone up out of their seats and excited to make changes to their lifestyle and diet. Your presentation about health and wellness was realistic and logical. Not only have I received calls and texts asking if I have done my five minutes today, but I have also been receiving emails from people to say they are addicted to your 5 minutes of fitness program. You were an inspiration to all of us! Thanks again for everything!
Nancy Davis
Training Liaison
ACCLS (IBEW & Verizon Joint Committee)

“I recommend that every office have Peter K speak!  The first time I heard him I ran back to my office, bought his book and booked him to speak at our office where he energized the room immediately and had everyone excited about the prospect of becoming healthy. His positive approach and personal success had every one in the room believing in their success before he was finished speaking. Peter gave his fabulous presentation two days ago and I have heard nothing but, “have you done your five minutes yet?” in our office hallways!  I cannot wait until we can invite him back.  What a great morale booster while getting a great message to your associates. They leave the room in an upbeat manner looking forward to taking control of their lives! Thanks for the sessions Peter!”
Lori Dehart
Human Resources Manager
National Reprographics Inc.

Peter, You were a huge success! I do believe this event was our best effort thanks to you and the engaging presentation you gave.  I would love to talk to you about possible future opportunities.  Thank you and Jane for doing such a fabulous job at our Third Annual Celebration of the Saint Barnabas Health Care System’s Office Managers Association.
Alyssa Ruby-Mako
Assistant VP Physician Services
Saint Barnabas Health Care System

Peter – You really are gifted and talented and we are thrilled to have you in our world.  We look forward to doing even more work with you in the future as we are incorporating much more of a holistic approach (mind, body, spirit) into our leadership work.  On behalf of the entire SoundBoard team I want to thank you and Jane for an incredible session today (as always).  Your philosophy and approach to health and fitness is refreshing, practical and inspirational.  We have already gotten great feedback from many of those who were in attendance.
Michael C. Rosone
SoundBoard Consulting Group

“Peter K is on a mission and obviously loves what he does. He gained a lot of fans with us. It all made so much sense, and it just took an hour to turn on that light.  We were all delighted in listening, watching, chuckling, relating, and just appreciating the common-sense that Peter K recently shared with our employees.  The good feelings were spread when he gave absolution to those among us who had given-up on weight loss.  But after sharing his experiences, and the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ “workout”, that we all did, the realization was: “You know – it’s not that hard”, especially when you can do it in small steps – and liking it , instead of punishing yourself.”
Jack O’Brien
Human Resources Manager
Grocery Haulers

Peter K’s passion is to help you to help yourself into making your body and mind fit and happy.  After you hear Peter’s presentation you will sit straight and pass up the cupcakes! He will inspire you to take “5 minutes” for your health and well-being.  In addition, Peter received raved reviews from an audience of 100 healthcare providers who felt his presentation was informative, interesting and fun.  Someone stated to me, they were glad he didn’t lecture but gave us a different insight to achieving a goal, whether it was losing weight or getting fit.
Lucille Bock
President, Association of Health Care Recruiters
Director, Human Resources,
New York Methodist Hospital

Hi Peter,  Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you delivered to our staff today at 2 Washington Street. Another job well done!  It is obvious that they were very much interested in learning the five secrets to success you shared with them. Jane did a great job doing the demonstration as well. It was truly a pleasure having you part of our meeting today. Thank you for providing us with this great opportunity.
Christine Edillon, RN,BSN
Administrative Public Health Nurse,
Nurse Recruitment

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at our meeting of The Association of Healthcare Human Resources Administrators.  Your program “5 Minutes to Fitness+, How to Achieve Ultimate Health Success” was very dynamic and your enthusiasm will be remembered by all who attended!  Thank you so much for taking time out or your busy schedule to give such an insightful presentation to our group.”  Sincerely,
Marlo Asencio
Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association
Association of Healthcare Human Resources Administrators

“Great morale booster for businesses and helping your employees become “all that they can be.” If you are looking to improve your health, and therefore your life, then Peter K is your man. Peter can help you create a mindset regarding body movement, aka exercise, that will enhance your experience and support your efforts toward lifelong health and wellness, regardless of your current physical condition. A health employee is a happy one. Don’t hesitate – connect with Peter today!
Cheryl Samilio Meyer
Executive Director
Buffalo Executives Association


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