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Peter K. MS, PT

Health Coach

Wellness Speaker

Sustainability Consultant

Culinary Nutritionist


Peter is an executive health coach, corporate wellness speaker, and a restaurant consultant. He helps busy executives and employees look, feel, and be their best. He also helps restaurants create sustainable menus and trains staff on hospitality.

Peter K MS, PT is an International Health Coach, Nutritionist, Physical Therapist, Speaker, Author, and Food/Restaurant Consultant.  He’s also been called, “The Missing Link”, in corporate wellness.  As an expert for the media, he has appeared on ABC, FOX, MSN, TLC, Blogtalkradio and in Fitness magazine. He’s the author of 3 books, including, Shop, Cook, Eat.  He’s also the creator of the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Program & Online Club, a revolutionary lifestyle program for achieving optimal health, which has been featured on QVC and FOX, and designed to motivate & guide those wanting to lose weight and be healthy. His clients include: celebrities, “Fortune 100″ companies, restaurants, non-profit organizations and individuals.


Professional Background

  • Nutrition Degree, Magna Cum Laude, Montclair State University
  • Physical Therapy degree, Master of  Science, New York Medical College
  • College Lecturer- nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, kinesiology
  • Creator- 5 Minutes to Fitness+, Fit Friends’ Revolution
  • Author; Shop, Cook, Eat, Core Energy Program, & Live Better Journal
  • Food/Restaurant  Consultant- Hospitality Training, Sustainable Menu Design, Recipe Development

Partial Client List / Appearances

GE • Goldman Sachs •  KPMG • Verizon • Metropolitan Museum of Art • Sony • UPS • Quest Diagnostics • Whole Foods • Working Mother • Kellari Group • Serafina Group • China Grill Management • Union Square Hospitality Group • The Episcopal Church • St Barnabas Health Care Systems • HDMS • Grocery Haulers • NY Staffing Assoc • Assoc of Health Care Recruiters


Changing Lives

As a nutritionist, physical therapist, health coach, author and professional speaker, Peter K is transforming others with health.

Twenty years ago Peter K was 60 pounds overweight, depressed and frustrated. Today he’s speaking to companies like Goldman Sachs and The Metropolitan Museum of Art about health, wellness and motivation.

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How did he take control of his life and design a fitness product featured on QVC and FOX? What helped him get through the bad economy and losing clients like Lehman Brothers to refocusing his business and becoming more successful than ever before?

He did it by mastering 3 powerful secrets that gave him unlimited energy, strength, and powerful, compelling reasons to stay focused and motivated. He’s been taking his message to thousands of others, empowering them to do what he did: succeed in health.

Peter’s program for success focuses on harnessing the three secrets of professional and personal achievements:

  • Food is for energy, not emotions
  • Exercise is for stamina & strength, not punishment
  • Thoughts are for success & happiness, not loathing & sabotaging

“It might seem like common sense, but specific foods and exercises coupled with a winning attitude will give us the energy, strength and mind power to be the best we can be,” says Peter. “That’s why I developed a program mastering these secrets. My clients and I are living proof this program works.”

Taking Control

As a child, Peter, the son of Greek immigrants, was never taught he had control over his thoughts or actions. When tragedy struck his family and he was left focusing on the negative. “I allowed myself to indulge in thoughts and behaviors that sabotaged me,” he remembers. “I was on a runaway roller coaster with more downs than ups”.

Despite being a Division I scholarship football player for Rutgers University in New Jersey, he hated what he saw in the mirror. He weighed 270 pounds and felt terrible. He decided he was ready to change how he looked and felt.

He saw an infomercial for a stepping machine and ordered one the next day. Setting it up in his bedroom, he vowed to use it everyday.

The first time he used it he was sweating and out of breath. Exhausted and about to give up, Peter persevered. As he finished 5 minutes, he smiled through his exhaustion as he realized for the first time he had exercised for himself and not for his football team or because someone told him to. He envisioned how he wanted to look and it was clear in his head—he wanted a flatter stomach, tone muscles and confidence.  He wanted to be healthy.

Some might consider 5 minutes insignificant but Peter knew he experienced a life-changing moment.

“I had given more in those 5 minutes than I had in years on the football field,” says Peter. “There’s a saying that successful people acknowledge when they succeed, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. I realized if I could be great for 5 minutes then I could be great for 10, 30 and so on.”

He invested his mind and body and went back to school for a degree in nutrition, followed by a Masters of Science in physical therapy. He became an expert in food & exercise, and started training and competing in triathlons. He used this knowledge to design a whole new lifestyle for himself and his future.

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Creating Revolutionary Programs

Using science and experience, he discovered 5 powerful exercises anyone can do, how to eat great anywhere and how to control thoughts for success. These principles became “5 Minutes to Fitness+,” a revolutionary lifestyle program for achieving optimal health.

Peter’s ultimate goal is to help others reach their full health potential. That’s why he has launched the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Online Club to offer his health coaching secrets to people around the world.

It has been more than 20 years since Peter’s life-changing moment and he’s still in the best shape of his life. He’s kept off the 60 pounds but, more importantly, he’s happier, living better, has the health he dreamed of, and is realizing his vision.

“If you’re not happy, the great news is you can do something to change it,” he says. “There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t look and feel the way you want, you’re probably just thinking and doing the wrong things. Change is an important part of life and my programs can help you change your life.”

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