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How stress makes us fat; and how to stop it…

How stress makes us fat; and how to stop it…

A client noticed that as he got older, his stomach wasn’t quite as flat and taut. In fact it started to get a little sloppy and even protruded a little, even though he was exercise and eating healthy.

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“Why can’t I stop overeating even when I want to?” The answer is…..

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One word- “Emotions”

I recently recieved the email below from an audience member from one of my presentations. Here’s what they said.

“I find it hard to fight off the urge or make the appropriate decision and remember my long term goals during crisis time. After I eat the junk, I ask myself why did I do it and then get mad at myself?!  How do I remember my long term goals during crisis time? Oprah always says that overeating is not just about eating food, that there is always an underlying reason/cause that you try to eat away. I wish I could answer the question of why I overeat, if it’s not just about the food.”

This person is so close to solving why they overeat.  They partially gave the answer above.

Let me ask you a question. When is the last time you overate, or craved fat, sugar and salt?  Probably when you were stressed or emotionally challenged, right. It doesn’t even have to be crisis time, we crave the items above when we want to feel better, period. Science has proven that.  The fast food companies already know this about us and thats why they make billions.

What do do:

  • Identify when you are craving fat, sugar and salt. What emotions are you feeling? Are you anxious, upset, nervous, stressed, overwhelmed?
  • Honestly ask yourself if you’re hungry or just want to do something to feel better.
  • Now write down 3 ways you will feel better without resorting to food. Do it right now and you will overcome overeating.

Hint- doing something about why you are stressed will empower you.

Remember my “Kaizen” post from yesterday, you can do this, one step at a time. Just one time of not overeating can lead to a lifetime of success. Remember to come up with other great ways to feel better other than eating.

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Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, stuck? Read why that’s great!

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I recently spoke to a large audience and I was expected to excite, motivate and inspire them.  One minor challenge, before I spoke I felt the feelings above.  I focused my thoughts, took deep breaths and went on to give the best live event of my career. This experience has happened to me many times and it usually happens right before I have a big breakthrough in my career and personal life.  In the past I would become self-conscious and interpret the emotions as something being wrong and want to retreat back to my comfort zone.  Now I know better.  Let me explain further. more »

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