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How to get kids to eat salad, and thank you for it…

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anna and emma whole foods

If you can already get your kids to eat salad in lieu of mac and cheese then skip this post and keep doing what you’re doing, otherwise read on.

I enjoyed a nice lunch with my daughters Anna and Emma at Whole Foods recently.  I asked them what they wanted for lunch and after they answered mac and cheese.  I asked, “how about a great salad and you can pick anything you want from the salad bar because we’re having a big family dinner for passover tonight.”  They said, “ok”.  God bless Whole Foods for not serving cotton candy at their salad bar.

There are 3 secrets at work here that will help you steer children toward health and empowerment:

  • Tell them why they should choose healthy foods- it makes them faster. stronger, smarter, happier
  • Let them make choices- just make sure the choices are what you want them to be
  • Acknowledge their good choices and reward them with your attention and sincere interest

Revolutionary concept- Instead of calling munchkins and candy treats, let’s say that a nice lunch with the children we love, spent listening to their creative chatter, acknowledging their strengths, are the real treats in life.

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Look at this “health” website with a Burger King ad. What!!!!!!!!

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I found the site below looking for the calories in parmesan cheese.

fit website with bk ad

Ok, I’m trying with all my super human powers not to pass judgement on this “health” website for promoting health and Burger King at the same time :-) .  I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason to send a mixed message that subconsciously calls you to drop the egg white and run towards greasy sausage patties.

Seriously, our children are fatter and unhealthier than ever. They suffer most from the mixed messages because they are so impressionable.  Help the children in your life by choosing foods that are not served with only profit in mind at the expense of your family’s well being.  Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now :-)

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