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Video: Stress- Don’t take it personally

Video: Stress- Don’t take it personally

This stress strategy will make you feel better right away

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One of the best remedies for stress..


Two words, “Take Action”.  My mentor Barry Farber taught me this.

You and I are going to have stress in our lives, that’s a fact.  The main  determinant of how that stress effects us is how we react to it.  We can wallow in sorrow and be paralyzed by anxiety, or we can take action. A Fit Friends’ Revolution member recently experienced tremendous stress in his life.  Here’s how he helped himself:

  • Identify what is causing you stress; the real reason
  • Acknowledge why it’s causing you stress; be honest and sincere about your feelings
  • Now, take action toward addressing the stress; make the phone call, set up a payment plan, talk to a mentor, ask for help, define a simple plan of action and take the first step. Keep it Simple!

Taking action works by helping you feel empowered because instead of being a victim of stress, you are now working toward a solution to feel better. It also distracts your mind from feeling helpless to strategizing a way to decrease the negative health effects of stress. This improves self-esteem and self-reliance.

You can do this.  If you’re a FFR member and stressed about your health, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re all in this together and we can help. Take Action.

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Stress- You’re not that important

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A therapist once taught me how to diffuse my stress immediately.  She looked me in the eye, smiled, and said, “Peter, you’re just not that important.”  What that means is don’t take your self too seriously. When you have negative thoughts, think about mistakes you’ve made or start beating yourself up, smile and let it go. In the scheme of things will it matter in a year, next week or tomorrow?

You also know when you smile you can’t feel crummy. Try it all day today. When you’re feeling stressed, remind yourself that although you are special in many ways, you’re just a one of the grains of sand on this vast beach.  Have some fun today.

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How to stay motivated through cold, dark January

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It’s easy to fall into a melancholy mood this time of year. The days are shorter, the weather is cold and the holidays are over.  I often feel this way myself.  Try these strategies to feel better and create something to look forward to.  This worked for me recently as I decided to write my third book: more »

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