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Video- Stress: How It Makes Us Fat, & What To Do About It

Video- Stress: How It Makes Us Fat, & What To Do About It

Watch to learn the best way to fight stress

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Stress reducer- Disengagement and refocusing: Try this….

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stress- Nature Trails

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, helpless, even a slight tightness in your chest?  I know, dumb question right? Well what can we do about it?  I have a technique I use very often with my clients and myself- insight: I get these feelings too.

Try these powerful stress strategies to disengage from your current thought process. (Hint- your current thought process is what keeps you stuck feeling this way)

  • Disengage from what you’re doing completely. Do this when you don’t know what to do to feel better. Examples- get up from your desk and walk outside, or go somewhere you’ve never been before or talk to a total stranger- anything to engage your mind in a unique behavior or activity that it must focus on instead of how lousy you feel.
  • Smile as big as you can and think about a favorite place you’d love to be right now.
  • Take 3 deep breaths and relax your shoulders while sitting or standing as tall as you can.
  • Now that you broke your negative thought cycle, come up with one simple action step to directly affect why you’re feeling stressed.
  • Take that step right now. Don’t wait. When you take a step toward addressing your stress you will empower yourself.
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Frustrated? Read why that’s good!

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Peter K QVC Still

My most successful accomplishments have been a result of my most frustrated moments.  Getting my product on QVC is the perfect example.  When we have time I’ll tell you more about it :-)

A mentor once taught me that frustration is good. It’s sign that you aren’t satisfied and not living up to your potential.  It means something is missing in your life. SOOOOO, how do you turn frustration into motivation.

Try this:

  • Call, email or text someone you trust right now (mentor) and ask them for help.
  • Do some soul searching. Are you contributing to your frustration?
  • Find out exactly what you want: hint- it’s an emotion (happiness, fulfillment, security)
  • Take action right now toward conquering that frustration and turning it into success.

You can do it!  One step at a time.

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