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Video- 5 Ways to Help Our Kids & Family Be Healthy

Video- 5 Ways to Help Our Kids & Family Be Healthy

Watch to learn 5 ways to help our kids be healthy

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How to wake up happier, every morning!

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Maybe it’s happened to you.  You wake up and somehow your mind is already flooded with what you have to do, bills to be paid, kids to drop off, shopping to do, work to finish, decisions to make. You think, “Ughhh, what a day it’s gonna be”.

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What most people love about exercise

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What many people love most about exercise is when they are done with it! A client recently told me she can’t wait till it’s over.  That’s ok.  Exercise is an unnatural practice that we must do for health.  In fact the hardest part of exercise is getting started.

Here’s what I told her to do to guarantee she would stick with it:

  • You know you feel great when you’re done; smile and reflect on your accomplishment
  • You are 1 workout closer to your goal
  • Endorphins are swimming around your body; use this time to confirm why you will continue to exercise as your muscles are pumped and your heart rate is up and your mind is powerful
  • This is the time to think about what you want most- go get it by using your workouts to build power, stamina and strength
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