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Why You Shouldn’t Wait Till New Year’s to be Healthy

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Till New Year’s to be Healthy

Here’s what to do…

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Holiday Parties: Calorie Saving TIps


cranberry and seltzer drink

The good news is you can enjoy yourself at parties and celebrations without feeling guilty, gaining weight or beating yourself up for lacking will-power.  Here are some party health secrets.

  • Choose drinks with little or no calories- the drink above is half cranberry juice, half seltzer- saved 100 calories
  • Drink Alcohol? Try vodka, or hard liquor over ice, or with seltzer. You’ll sip, instead of chug.
  • Avoid all bread- you can save 100 to 800 calories- turn everything into salads by piling on bed of lettuce
  • Skip the cheese, dressing, mayo and sides to save 100 to 500 calories
  • Walk everywhere and often, do Peter K (the workout :-)
  • Save your favorite or biggest meal/dessert for last.   Eat great all day and you won’t feel like overeating
  • Make the celebration about the event or people you’re with. Don’t associate the food with happiness.  Transfer that food anticipation and energy toward those you love most

If you try all these and you still overeat, it’s ok. Living a fit lifestyle is a journey and revolutionizing your health will take time.  Do your best, acknowledge all battles won and have fun and smile. You can do this.

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