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John’s favorite exercise move and what “diet” means to him

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John bryant park

Here’s John during a coaching session in Bryant Park, NYC. He tell me this is his favorite “5 Minutes to Fitness+” move. Not because it’s the easiest :-) , but because he feels most powerful. Now that’s positive thinking. Align how you move your body, with what you want most, and you will be more powerful in mind and body, like John. When John pulls on that band, he’s not just pulling on that band; he’s connecting what he wants most in his mind to his body movement, confirming it, strengthening it. That’s the power of exercise that few people know and use. Now you know.

He was also inspired to write about what the word diet means to him.  I think you’ll like how he candidly explores his challenges…

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Running up a hill won’t kill you. Will it?

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Jane hill1

Jane killing the hill

Jane (PKF client) and I were training Saturday morning when something funny happened.  We were near the end of the run when I made a right turn that led up to a small hill. I repeat, small hill. This is what happened next:

Jane- “a HILL? Com’on!”

Me- “It’s just a small one. Don’t you want to look and feel amazing?”

Jane- “Why, you don’t think I do?”

I stepped into that one :-)

Now if you’ve seen Jane before you know she looks amazing because of all her smart exercise, great eating and positive attitude. I know she was was kidding when she complained about the hill. (I think)

So no, a hill won’t kill you. In fact, you can kill the hill and look & feel amazing, like Jane :-)

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Are you great? Why not?

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I remember reading about an experiment: Researchers took a mediocre teacher and students and told the teacher that the students were very high achievers. Then they told the students their teacher was the best. Guess what happened?  Yep, they became great students and teacher. Perception is everything and beliefs drive behavior. Believe you are great and you will become it.

That’s why when people ask me how I’m doing I always say great, no matter what, because that is what I’m striving for. I once had a friend who would kid me about how I thought everyone I talked about was “great”. I think it used to annoy her but I would rather focus on the good things about myself and others than the bad. You will find whatever you look for, good or bad.

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What do you want?

(Excerpts from Peter K’s upcoming second book “Maxims of a Fit Lifestyle”.)

It’s a powerful and obvious question to ask yourself. Most people when asked what they want are not sure or they tell you what they do not want. In order to get what we want it seems quite obvious that we must first identify what “it” is and then figure out how to go about getting it. When we decide to lose weight, get to the gym, or be healthier, we are merely making a statement. One of the reasons we do not follow thorough with these statements is because it’s not really what we want. It’s what we think we should do because of the media, our friends or family, or our doctors.

Losing weight, getting to the gym, being healthier, etc. are poor goals in and of themselves. They mean nothing to us because it’s not what we really want. What we want are the emotions and experiences that we think come from losing weight, the emotions and experiences of having toned muscles, the emotions and experiences that come from gaining control and being “healthy”. So let’s focus on what we really want, the emotions themselves, and use the tools we can control to consistently allow ourselves to feel those emotions; our thoughts, food and fitness. I say “allow” because when we think of looking fit and sexy in our minds we get excited. Why? Because we “allow” ourselves for that moment to “feel” excited. Nothing has changed except our thoughts and what we have “allowed” ourselves to feel.

Let’s answer the question now. What do you want most in life? Instead of setting goals I think it’s much more compelling to develop a vision of the future you want for yourself.

If you could look and feel anyway you wanted, if you allowed yourself to become the person you always felt you should or could be, what would that look like? Be as playful and outrageous as you like. What is possible for you if you could have your dreams come true? Be specific. Use colors, places, scents, events, people, reasons, whatever it takes to get you there! Be sure your vision answers these 5 questions; what, where, when, why, and how.

Write it down now.

Now that you have an idea of what you really want lets use the vehicles that will get us there. The vehicles are: Our Thoughts, Food and Fitness.


· Once you know what you want most and why, start to align with it and use powerful tools to help you. Choose one food and drink and eat it often in the right amount with mindfulness. For example: eat a handful of organic berries (blueberries are great) every morning, and drink a cup of green tea. As you do think about your vision, or what you want most. You are now conditioning yourself to eat these foods because they will help your vision come true. You will also stay focused on your vision because every time you eat berries and drink green tea you will be reminded of it. You are setting up a powerful positive feedback loop for success.


  • Having a reason to exercise is more important than the actual exercise. Why? If you can’t stick to your exercise plan there is a very specific reason why. The reason for most of us is we are exercising for the poor reasons stated above. When you know what you want, use functional movements (resistance) combined with cardiovascular activities (circuit intervals), to condition your body and mind to get it. (5 Minutes to Fitness+ incorporates these essential tools) For example, every time you squat envision your thighs getting stronger, sexier, more powerful and as they do your mind benefits from that strength and you build your self esteem while using your string body to get it. You also have more energy because those berries you ate are packed with nutrients.

Now you just keep the cycle going, slowly replacing “harmful foods” (foods that sabotage your vision) with empowering foods and drinks: and you now use fitness to condition your mind and body to gain the strength, endurance, confidence and self esteem to get what you want most. Take a step closer to your vision everyday. Make it compelling, fun, something that absolutely must come to be.



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