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Music to get you pumped and inspired

I recently saw a client and asked her if she likes to work out to music. She actually said no, she valued quiet more than music because she never got to experience it.  She should definitely work out in quietness.

But if you’re the type of person that can hear a song and be instantly transformed to a better place, or reminded of one of the great moments of your life, then by all means, use music to get you there, especially when working out.

Music is one of the best ways to get ourselves to a motivated state.  Here is a list of songs that have a great beat, positive energy and/or lyrics to live by.  Many were played during my week in Palm Springs and every time I hear them I smile and remember :-)  Enjoy.

motivating music playlist copy

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kids playing guitar

I was working out early this morning and I got a phone call from my daughter at 7:09 am to hurry home because she was up and ready to play guitar with me.  I hurried home!

Some background. I started teaching myself guitar 2 months ago because it’s been a vision of mine and I want to bring music into my house. My kids now want to play so I’m teaching them.  You know children model what they see so I don’t try to diet and kill myself with workouts.  Instead I challenge myself to eat amazing, train smart, learn everything I can and model behavior I want my kids to copy so they can be happy, successful and have fun in life. What better reason to be healthy than influencing and empowering a child to have a fulfilling life?

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Song to get you going; “Just Say Yes!”

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snow patrol

  • Song- Just Say Yes
  • Artist- Snow Patrol
  • Lyrics-”Just say yes, Just say there’s nothing holding you back, It’s not a test, Nor a trick of the mind, only love”

You know the power of a great song and how it can put a smile on your face and take you places you want to be. Listen as this song invites you to, Just Say Yes, and allow yourself to enjoy the ride. Go ahead, it’s ok. BTW- it’s almost 5 minutes long so perfect for you know what: 5 Minutes to Fitness+!

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