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Thursday’s Quiz: Should you do cardio before or after your resistance (bands) workout for best results?

Thursday’s Quiz: Should you do cardio before or after your resistance (bands) workout for best results?

Know the answer or want to hear more about it? Go to the club page and leave a comment.

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Member responses: What they think about during workouts that helps them stay motivated

Yesterday I asked club members to share what they think about during their workouts to make sure they get the most out of them and stay motivated. Thank you to those who shared and helping others. I will include them below anonymously. If you have any comments please share them. more »


Bored or unmotivated by your workout? Try this..


We all get a bit bored by the same ol routine now and then. It can even stop us from working out. Today, to get yourself pumped up again and back on track, set up a 5 minute circuit with your favorite activities, (couch-sitting doesn’t qualify :-) .

Try this routine:

  • 1st 5 minutes- Start with with my 5 Minutes to Fitness workout to get warmed up
  • 2nd 5 minutes- Do jumprope, kickboxing or dance, or alternate all 3 switching up every 30 or 60 seconds
  • 3rd 5 minutes- Do an advanced set of my 5 Minutes to Fitness workout >
  • 4th 5 minutes- Do a set of your favorite yoga moves, martial arts, sprints, leg or ab exercises

This 20 minute routine will give you a total body workout and cardio, incorporate the things you like, give you choices, break up the monotony and will motivate you to find new routines.  Enjoy!

Let me know how you do.

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Health Coaching show today: What to eat before and after workouts for FFR members and 5K training update

Tune in live today, 1:30pm EST, or download later and listen as your health coach, Peter K, shares the best foods and times to eat before and after your workouts to maximize your results. Click here to listen >

Attention 5K team members: You’re guide, “What to eat before and after workouts” will be sent to you via email later today. I hope you’re training is going well. Please contact us with any questions or comments here >

If you want to join the FFR 5K team it’s not too late. Just click here and say you’re interested >

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