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Please allow me to introduce you to this new “Fit Lifestyle Blog”.  But first allow me to depart from my usual positive tone and share my thoughts on health.  (This is an excerpt from my upcoming second book.)


First, let’s revolutionize the meaning of the word health for ourselves.  I’d rather talk about living a “Fit Lifestyle” instead of being “healthy”.  It sounds more exciting and there are no preconceived notions about what it means.  Also, start to align how you think, eat and exercise with your new “Fit Lifestyle” and what you want most in life.  That’s much more compelling than just being “healthy”.  Looking and feeling amazing and having incredible relationships because you have a great self esteem is more of a motivator than just preventing heart disease and diabetes.  Of course the latter examples are very important but they may not be immediately urgent.  The former is more likely to get us off the couch, then we can be healthy :-) .


A Fit Lifestyle is about using powerful strategies and solutions that will change your life, not quick “health tips” we see as soundbites in the media.  The media needs to get our attention and often uses sensational claims or controversial studies to do it.  We should question their sources and motives.  I have witnessed some very upsetting media strategies in my travels.  The bottom line is, they need viewers, and very often they feel the need to do whatever it takes to get those viewers.  Beware- some of the “health experts” you see on TV may be paid by companies to promote their brands.  Read the book “True Enough” to learn more about this practice.


Here is the definition of a Maxim

max·im    (māk’sĭm)  n.   A succinct formulation of a fundamental principle, general truth, or rule of conduct.


Here are some Fit Lifestyle Maxims:


Food is a tool that we use to get energy to do the things we want, not something we must deprive ourselves of or suffer guilt from.  Find out what you want most in life and use these energizing foods to get it:

  • Berries (antioxidants fight cancer)
  • Salmon (omega 3′s fight heart disease)
  • Brown Rice (tons of vitamins and minerals- lower glycemic index than other carbs)
  • Sweet potatoes (antioxidants, good “carbs”)
  • Olive Oil (healthy fat used in meditteranean diet)

Every time I drink green tea I visualize it making me stronger and healthier and getting me closer to my ultimate goal- Happiness.  It may sound strange but when you align your everyday actions to what you want most, you start to get results.


Fitness is a tool to build a stronger body and mind for ourselves and not something to punish yourself with.  Do you ever have negative thoughts when exercising; like “I can’t stand this, or I should be doing something eles right now”.  Guess what, when we allow negative thoughts during exercise we are conditioning ourselves to hate exercise.  That’s why I say control your thoughts and think of what you love most in life as you train your body and mind.


We average 60,000 thoughts per day and most are negative; “I’m too busy, too lazy, too fat, too ugly, too tired”.  Sound familiar?  We believe what we say to ourselves and it becomes our reality.  Want to change your life?  Change your thoughts! 


When you control what you think about you will start to have different experiences and gain a new perspective.


That’s it for now.  I hope you enjoy what you read and start to use the Maxims.  Don’t use it to beat yourself  about what you are not doing.  Take it slow and make it fun.


Be sure to Listen to Bill’s success story on my show “The Peter K Show” at www.blogtalkradio.com/peterk It is truly an incredible turnaround in one person’s life. 


I’d love to hear from you.  Send an email to peterk@peterkfitness.com

Be well!


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