John’s favorite exercise move and what “diet” means to him

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John bryant park

Here’s John during a coaching session in Bryant Park, NYC. He tell me this is his favorite “5 Minutes to Fitness+” move. Not because it’s the easiest :-) , but because he feels most powerful. Now that’s positive thinking. Align how you move your body, with what you want most, and you will be more powerful in mind and body, like John. When John pulls on that band, he’s not just pulling on that band; he’s connecting what he wants most in his mind to his body movement, confirming it, strengthening it. That’s the power of exercise that few people know and use. Now you know.

He was also inspired to write about what the word diet means to him.  I think you’ll like how he candidly explores his challenges…

Diet. What’s in a Word?

I have heard it over and over again: “I have to go on a diet because I have to lose a few pounds.” I usually nod in agreement and say some harmless words of encouragement like, “Good for you” or “OK, go for it.” Very often that’s me talking to myself.

The grammarian in me who sometimes can become overbearing wants to say to me, “You’re already on a diet and it resulted in your gaining those few pounds.”

You and I are always on a diet. The issue for me is does my diet feature the consumption of food choices that fill me up, fuel my body for exercise, and help me maintain a reasonable weight for someone my size and gender? Weighing more than I should, does my diet help me shed those pounds?

For now, my diet does not consist of lots of empty calories with foods high in fat, sodium and sugar and low in fiber. I do not frequent fast food joints and I just politely turned down lunch at a favorite Spanish restaurant because I already have food plans for the day that include eating dinner with a couple of friends at Energy Kitchen®.

Are you a sneak “dieter” like me? I used to eat a large piece of chocolate cake at the diner and wash it down with skim milk. “I pick my poisons,” I rationalize to everyone. Yeah, right.

In short, my diet plays a major factor in determining my wellbeing. I can choose a diet that is good for me or a diet that stinks. My friend Fred has shed more than 100 pounds on Weight Watchers and a serious exercise program that works for him. He hates the word “diet.” He says he now lives a healthy lifestyle. Oh wait, Fred used another one of those words. Healthy: it’s just like the word diet. You know, good health, ill health. But that’s a discussion for another day…

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