Try this twist on squats for great legs and a tight bottom

5 Minutes to Fitness+ Club coming soon

This exercise is one of the best for great legs and a tighter butt. You don’t need weights, special equipment or much space.

Jane squat 1

Start: Do a basic squat like you’re sitting in a chair.

Jane squat 2

Finish: Upon rising raise your leg out to the side. Alternate sides and do a total of 20 or until you feel the burn. Repeat as part of your 5 Minutes to Fitness+ routine.  You can do this exercise everyday like Jane and me. I took this pic during one of our training sessions in a local park. Oh yea, remember to smile and think about what you love most when training. (Jane was smiling until I took the second pic and she asked- “You want me to do what?” :-)

If you ever get to see Jane during my live events you’ll notice she has beautifully toned legs and never uses weights or machines. Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to be consistent. If this hurts your knees email me for a modification.

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