When does your back hurt?

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pain in lower back
“This is a previous blog that I have republished to compliment what Dr Oz was talking about today on his show. Check out his back pain questionnaire

Answering the question above is one of the best ways to prevent or cure your pain. Here’s what to consider first:

  • Does it hurt more when your sitting or standing?
  • At rest or during activity?
  • In the morning or as the day goes on?

Now here’s a common scenario; “My back hurts more when I’m working (sitting) at my desk (rest) especially after a long day (end of day).” These are classic symptoms of a vertebral disk being involved.

The point is, if you know when and why your back hurts, you can avoid making it worse by avoiding those positions and activities. Pay attention to your symptoms, avoid what makes you worse and see a physical therapist or chiropractor whom you trust if your symptoms persist, (and smile more :-)

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