How these moms are getting their kids to eat healthy and exercise

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I spoke with several moms in the Fit Friends’s Revolution this weekend and they shared their desire to help there kids be healthy.  All of them have already made great changes like buying better cereals and doing their workouts in front of their kids.

They asked me what’s the best way to get my kids to eat healthy and exercise. I told them there is only one way: To lead by example. To show them that you eat great food for energy and train your body for strength and endurance. Here are some other secrets:

  • Let them help you prepare meals and include them in grocery list and meal decisions while guiding them toward healthy foods
  • Tell them great food will let then jump higher, run faster and be smarter. Telling them to be healthy is too abstract.
  • Give them choices about food and exercise and always make the choices something good for them
  • Get outside or down on the floor and teach them that a squat and push-up will make them biceps and thighs will get stronger. Enlighten them about their body and the incredible gift it is.

Most importantly, besides being a role model, tie health into what kids love most; dancing, math, science, baseball, friends, etc. and tell them they will be better at those things. Make it real for them and have fun. Don’t let them think mom is eating salad to punish herself.

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