How your 5 Minutes to Fitness+ workout prevents back pain

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I saw 2 new clients recently who have weak abdominal and back muscles and that’s one of the reasons for their chronic back pain.  I told them when they do the 5 Minutes to Fitness+ workout on my DVD they will strengthen those muscles and decrease their pain. They will have a stronger core when they remember to do what Jane’s doing above throughout the workout:

  • Keep your stomach tight throughout the entire workout
  • Remember to breath and don’t hold your breath
  • Always keep your knees slightly bent, never lock them out
  • When you’re doing the diagonals make sure to reach with your whole body by leaning

Doing these things will guarantee you strengthen your core in a safe and functional way without doing any pain provoking abdominal crunches and sit ups. A stronger core equals less pain. Less pain mean a better quality of life.

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