Recipe- Revolutionary Breakfast: White Eggs and Blue Berries

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eggs and berries

Break away from tradition and start your very own food revolution.  All you need is a little red in this picture to represent America’s proud colors, perhaps a raspberry or two would do.  This super simple breakfast idea will give you energy and the protein to build muscle as well as great health.  Wash it down with good old water and save the 120 calories from orange juice.

Make sure all ingredients are organic- conventional egg yolks have a negative effect on cholesterol and conventional berries have the highest pesticide residue.

Calories- 130 with 1 egg and small handful of berries.

When you eat this think about who and what you love most and how you are revolutionizing your health by eating for purpose, not pleasure.

Bonus Tip- To make perfectly hard boiled eggs: Cover eggs with water, bring to a boil then turn off heat. Let sit covered for 10 minutes, drain and run under cold water = perfection.

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