Recipe- Grilled, Whole Wheat Pizzas

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grilled pizza 2

Whole wheat pizza with fresh mozzarella, grilled onions, garlic, basil and fresh tomato

grilled pizza

Whole wheat pizza with feta cheese, grilled onions, garlic, ham, basil and tomato sauce

Grilling pizza is fast, easy and absolutely delicious with countless variations. What do you love?  Throw it on.  I let my kids choose their ingredients and help assemble their masterpieces.  The secret is fresh ingredients, light on the cheese and sauce and a super thin, crispy crust.

Nutrition: one, 4 x 4 inch slice = approximately 175 calories


  • Whole wheat dough (get it from local pizzeria or healthy grocery store like Trader Joes)
  • Your favorite tomato sauce (mine is Rao’s Marinara when I don’t make my own)
  • Fresh mozzarella cheese (I also used feta- use whatever you love)
  • Fresh basil, garlic, onions, tomatoes

Other options:

  • Ham, chicken sausage, any vegetables you love


Bring the dough to room temperature (it’s easier to work with) and preheat your grill on medium.  Slice the cheese and tomato into very thin layers and set aside.  Slice or chop whatever other ingredients you’re using as you like and grill the onions and saute the garlic and set aside.  Cut the dough into quarters, working with one quarter at a time.  Role the dough out as thin as possible using flour to prevent sticking.  Spray the grill with olive oil and gently and carefully place the dough on the grill.  Let cook for 3 minutes and then take off the heat, set aside and repeat with remaining dough.  Don’t cook the other side yet.  Now assemble your pies with whatever ingredients you like, putting your sauce down first on the side that was grilled facing up. Don’t overcrowd or overload with too much cheese or sauce. This will save calories and prevent soggy pizza.  Place the pies on the grill and cook for 7-10 minutes checking to make sure the crust is crispy but not burned.  Sprinkle with olive oil, cut into 4 x 4 inch squares and enjoy. Bon appetit!

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