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egg white omelet

I recently posted asking you if you’re eating a great breakfast. The answer was yes, right? :-) The picture above is one of my favorites, and Jane’s too (see below); egg white veggie omelet.

Here are 3 breakfasts from Fit Friends’s Revolution members, Jane, Elizabeth and Juanita, that are fast and healthy and will jump start your metabolism and give you the energy to be great!


One of my favorite breakfasts right now is a frittata inspired by Elana and Peter’s video. I usually make it on a Sunday and then just heat it up during the week. I saute Trader Joe’s onions and peppers in a very little bit of light olive oil and then I add pieces of chicken sausage and artichoke hearts. When that has been cooking for about 5 minutes I add egg whites and cook on the stove until it starts to set and then I put it under the broiler until the eggs are firm. After it cools I wrap the frittata in individual servings and eat throughout the week. Sometimes I will have this will an Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla and some blueberries.


Hi, When im not eating plain greek yogurt (nonfat) with berries i like to have 1 cup cheerios (100 cal) with blueberries. and a little bit of skim milk. Also, once a week i like to eat 3 egg white omelette with spinach and 1 dry ww toast. especially after a great workout (like 20 min of bands :-)


My favorite breakfast is cooked steel cut oats (1/4 C. raw) plus 1 tablespoon flax seeds with 1tablespoon dried bluberies. Serve with 1% or non fat milk.

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