Can stress cause pain? What can you do about it?


Yes, without a doubt.  I remember I once saw a client who came to me with chronic back pain.  I would treat her and she would feel better for days, even weeks.  Then, suddenly, I’d get a call that her pain was back.  After a while she saw a pattern to her pain. More stress in her life meant more physical pain.

Why?  Stress depresses the immune system so your body becomes weaker and less able to fight off pain and illness. Also, when we’re stressed, we’re more likely to eat “bad” foods and not exercise and take care of ourselves.

What to do?  You can’t get rid of stress. Instead, identify what causes you stress and have strategies ready to combat it.  FFR members click here for some past stress strategies > Also, click here to watch “5 Steps to Decrease Stress” >



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