Member success. Find out how they’re doing it: Chrissy and others

I started this club with the vision that people like Chrissy, Susan, and Donna would lose weight, but more importantly, take control of their health and get connected with other like-minded people for support, strategy and a place to celebrate each success. That vision has come true. Thank you for being here.  Please…. use the tracker. It has changed people’s lives.  Also, send me updates.  It will change your life.  What’s helping you most? Let us know.

Also, mirror successful people. Copy what they’re doing. That’s what I’m doing to make this club better. I’m stealing, borrowing :-) from Steve Jobs and Apple.

Chrissy’s 2nd week update:

Chrissy steward

I am so excited about this progress thus far, this morning I was 160lb! My goal for Monday is 159 or lower. I haven’t seen a # under 160 in about 2 years!!!

What has helped me most thus far I believe is the tracker as well as the pressure of checking in with you each week. Well, not that it is really “pressure” so to speak, however it is another individual in the mix that I don’t want to disappoint, does that make sense? I am committed to this and do not want to let myself or anyone else down for that matter.



Anonymous member:

Hello! Just checking in after my 1 week weigh in and I have to say I am extremely happy! I am down 4lbs in just 1 week! This program has been a huge eye opener for me! I am using the tracker which is making me very conscious of what I am putting into my body. When I met a friend and chilies I checked the calorie content online before going and let me tell you I cannot believe I ate some of that stuff. I was able to make the better choice before I even got there! I have tried some new breakfasts lunches and dinners! I have also learned the beauty if thinking and planning meals ahead of time! The work out video has been fantastic I attached the bands to my bed post so when I get up in the morning it’s the first thing I do! I am feeling great and really looking forward to the week ahead!

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