Chrissy’s Blog: Her “bad stuff” and “proud of myself moments”

Chrissy steward

When we last left Chrissy she did something I recommend all my clients do; she identified her triumphs, not just her “failures”, during the week.  She’s honestly self assessing by grading herself.  I think that’s brilliant.  She weighed in at 160lb, and reports she hasn’t seen that number in about 2 years, so she was excited.  But there was also some “bad stuff”. Here is her week 3 and 4 check in, including her “extra room in tushy region” pants surprise :-)


Week 3 check in

Good morning!

OK, so I have some not so great things to report however I also had a few “proud of myself” moments as well.

Bad stuff:

Scale this morning was not friendly, back up to 164, ugh!! Definitely drank too much through the rehearsal dinner, Wedding, and Halloween Party. Shame on me, now back to reality.

Proud of Myself Moments:

Although I did drink too much, I at least attempted to be a little smarter about it, no beer, less wine, stuck to vodka and water. Not a great thing that I couldn’t resist the devil however I feel a little better knowing I thought first at least about what I was consuming.

I also did cut down on the snacks and chips and things at the Halloween Party, as well as the Pumpkin Carving Family party we had yesterday. Although I did give in to a few cheese and crackers moments, as well as a chip here and there, I for the most part stuck to the veggies and fruit which is definitely a change for me.

On a very happy note, I did exercise while we were away!!! 15 mins of Bands the first day with crunches and squats and 1 hour of cardio in the Hotels Fitness Center the 2nd day. I did have a skip day which was Saturday the day we drove home, it was my first skip day since I started my journey…not proud of that.

OK, so again, back to reality……this past weekend was a test, which I would only be able to grade myself a C-. I learned that I have to have more restraint when it comes to drinking…..seeing that scale this morning really pissed me off!!! I will remember that the next time we a “party” weekend.

Have an awesome day!


Week 4 check in

Hello Peter!

I hope all is well and you had an enjoyable weekend…

Well I was actually a pretty good girl this last week! Weight this morning 159lbs! And I feel like now it a “real” number and not a low ball from losing just water weight. I am still exercising everyday with 1 off day each week. I am dancing 2 nights a week, doing the bands 3 days a week and then adding in another cardio day, usually 30 to 60 mins of the treadmill. I have to say, I feel great! The pants I have on today used to hug my tushy region, however now I have extra room!!! YAY!!!

I’ll check in again next Monday.

Have a great day!



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