New York Edition: Indian food, no lunch and the Lipstick Building

I was in one of my favorite cities in the world, NY. I love the history, bustle and endless opportunities to sample incredible cuisine’s. I was pleased to to find out it was restaurant week, where you get to sample the best foods at a fixed price. I chose an Indian restaurant near the Lipstick Building above, where I spoke.


  • I met several people who start work at 9 am and work to anywhere from 8 pm to 3 am the next day. They, at times, literally, have no extra time to exercise. We decided they could attach their bands to their office doors and while speaking to clients using head sets or speaker phones, can sneak in a workout. We also decided they can order healthy food to their offices.
  • Many had concerns about pain; necks, backs, shoulders and knees, and whether they would hurt themselves doing the 5 Minutes to Fitness workout.  My advice, try 5 minutes and see what happens. If you’re fine keep going, if you have pain, send me an email.  You never know what you can do till you try.
  • One woman said she wanted to eat healthier; how should she start? We decided she’ll find her BMR, track her food and choose one amazing food today. She chose berries.

Here’s what I ate.

5 am wake up. No workout because had to prepare to launch new website.

8 am Breakfast: Europa Cafe-

  • eggwhite omelet w peppers, onions, mushrooms and feta cheese = 200 cals
  • 2 pieces dry whole wheat toast (I made a sandwich with omelet) = 200 cals
  • water
  • Total = 400 cals

10 am Presentation and coaching until 3 pm (no time for lunch, I could have had a quick snack but wanted to save the cals for restaurant week meal)

4 pm Snack: Cocktails :-)

  • 2 vodka & seltzer w lime, (barely tasted the alcohol, while I did some work in a posh hotel lobby) = 200 cals

5:30 pm Dinner- really lunch: Indian Restaurant (portions were tiny because of restaurant week menu.  I know picture below is low light but wanted you to see how small servings where)

  • appetizer- bean salad, chicken & lamb kabob (1 piece each) = 200 cals
  • entree- Tandoori Chicken (1 piece), cauliflower = 150 cals
  • naan bread- 4 small triangle pieces = 150 cals
  • water
  • total = 500 cals

9 pm Snack- really dinner ( I was starving from my small dinner)

  • 2 kobe beef burgers on whole wheat toast w slice of tomato, (I picked them up from supermarket and prepared at home). Yes, I really was starving = 11oo cals
  • water

Total for the day = 2200 cals (slightly over my 2000 BMR cals) Felt kinda full and lousy when I went to bed- stomach not happy.

See you in Boston!


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