Alison’s Blog: She talks to a Snickers bar and identifies why she wants to stay fit- Her Mission Statement

Alison uses 2 powerful success techniques this week.

First, she talks to a Snickers bar and finds closure. This is actually an effective way to consciously destroy a bad habit and replace it with a good habit.

Then, she realizes she doesn’t have to love exercise, like Susan realized, she just has to love the results it gives her. She does love her runs and other workouts, but not her current underwater workout. Whether she realized it or not, she has created an incredibly compelling mission statement. Can you identify it? Leave a comment for Alison below:


“Why am I doing this?”

Nope, I’m not at the marathon portion of an Ironman Triathlon, wondering what in the world I’ve gotten myself into.  I’m not even in a regular marathon.  Hell, I’m not even just training for a marathon.  And that’s just the point.

I wonder that thought above while I’m waiting for the train from Pelham to Grand Central Terminal in the middle of the day on a Sunday.  I’m on my way to my gym to do a 60 minute deep water run.  Another [expletive] deep water run.  Sigh.

As many of you know, I’m injured.  I finally got my diagnosis from my physical therapist, and it’s good and bad.  The good news is that my Achilles tendon isn’t torn.  The bad news is that the tendonitis I have is so bad that I can’t even look at a bike for 2 more weeks, and I can’t run for at least another month.  By the time I can run again, over 8 weeks will have passed since my last run, and I’ll basically have to start from scratch.  I’ve had to cancel my registration for the NJ marathon in May, and though I have yet to admit it to myself, I won’t be able to run the NYC Half Marathon on March 18th.

So, why am on my way into the City to do my least favorite workout?  I’d love to have a story for you where some big epiphany happened while I was in the pool, where I saw a glowing light with God’s face in it and I came up with my answer.  That didn’t happen.  I knew exactly why I was going while I was waiting on the train platform.  It was simple.  It was because I can, and because I actually want to.  Now, no, I don’t WANT to do a 60 minute deep water run.  What I want is to continue to work out, and continue to be healthy.  I want to stay “Fit Girl”, the person who trains for marathons and actually gets excited about 20 mile runs.  I now choose to eat healthy, set a good example for my children, and be a source of inspiration for both close friends and complete strangers.

Over 8 weeks of no running does not have to turn into 8 weeks of sitting on the couch and eating Snickers bars (and to any Snickers bar reading this, please don’t take it personally.  Our past relationship was wonderful, but I just hit a point in my life where it was time to move on).  I will be able to run and bike again, and I want to fall right back into my training schedule, making as few modifications to it as possible.  And so I stand on the Pelham platform, waiting for the train to New York City so that I can go to my gym, do my resistance bands, and then go for a 60 minute deep water run.  And that’s exactly why I’m doing this.

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