Pam’s Blog: Another 1/2 inch off her waist, but she’s frustrated…

I think one gift a coach can give a client is to identify and magnify the “good” things they are doing. Sometimes we’re stuck in our heads and don’t realize the positive impact we have on others.  Pam is making a difference in her family’s life.

You met Pam last week.  She’s lost 30 lbs, and another 1/2 inch on her waist. But more importantly, she and her husband Nick are influencing their 2 daughters. (I’ll post the cool vid Nick sent me of his 2 1/2 year old doing her bands, next week)

When I see Pam, through her excuses and complaints, I see a determined mom teaching her children how to have a healthy, happy life, and succeeding. That’s a gift.  I often cut her off in mid sentence as she rants, respectfully, and ask her why she’s doing this? She always has the right answer for her- her family (and something about a bikini :-)

She’s frustrated she hasn’t lost weight in several weeks, but her pants are looser.  What’s happening? She come’s to the right conclusion in her last sentence.


Since my last blog I know you’re not going to believe that I’ve picked up those same pillows a million times this week.  I’ve realized some things never change.  However, I’m still trying to change myself for the better. I’ve continued to do my workout and am trying to eat healthier.  It is not easy.  I’m always tired and I love love food!!  I’m trying very hard to stay focused but sometimes my head is in a fog from not sleeping all week. I’m sure you can relate to that. It is just an excuse of why I can’t excerise but I’m doing it a lot more now.   Even though I don’t want to workout, I have to admit when I do, I’m in a much better mood and I do feel better!! So this weeks goal is to start tracking my food so I can see some results on the scale!! I haven’t lost any weight in the past four weeks, but my clothes fit better, so I must have lost some inches.  I’ll be happy with that :)

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