What fit people do that gets them to their ideal weight & health

When I met Joan, she told me everything she didn’t want; I hate the way I feel, I don’t want to get breast cancer like my mom did, why can’t I stick to a health program, I love food too much to give it up.

Can you guess why Joan can’t lose weight and get heathy?

We get more of what we focus on.  For years I’ve been coaching people to create a vision for their health. Something they want and why.  My vision when I was 21 was to look good in a white t-shirt and jeans and feel confident walking in the mall. That was the beginning of my health journey.

Today I still create visions, like to meet Dr Oz, write a book, create an online club, speak for fortune 100 companies. They’ve all come true because I identified what I wanted, why, and set a strategy to make them happen.

Recently I was at a Tony Robbins event, who’s one of my mentors. 3 years ago I created a vision to meet the NY times best selling author and weight loss expert, Jorge Cruise, seen on Oprah and the Dr Oz Show, and ask him to be a mentor. I sent him emails; no response.  That vision finally came true at the Tony Robbins event.

Create it, and you’ll get it. Great things are meant for us. We just have to plan them.  Create your vision today and send it to me. Leave it in the comments below.  When you write it, it’s real.

Jorge Cruise and me


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