Susan’s Blog: New driver’s license picture = 1 less chin & more smiley than 4 years ago. Coincidence?

This week, Susan doesn’t see big change on the scale, but she sees it in a simple picture.  Just by noticing the difference in a smile, Susan can see how different her life is from 4 years ago. She’s only seeing the differences because she is looking for them. This is a confirmation that her unconscious mind has accepted her new healthy lifestyle and it’s working.  Translation; she’s a hell of lot healthier than she was 4 years ago she is taking responsibility for it. This will assure continued success.

She also alludes to a project I’ve asked her to work on as well that will take her way out of her comfort zone. She has said yes. More on that exciting project soon.


Who doesn’t love visiting the DMV? It’s usually such a delightful experience, right? You stand around in endless lines, corralled like cattle awaiting slaughter; usually near someone who sounds like they have a 3rd World plague-ridden cough that may cost them and/or you, a lung. If you somehow manage to have your necessary paperwork in order, you then proceed to find an empty chair- preferably one that isn’t covered in indeterminate stains, and one without a greasy dirty head sized gray splotch directly on the wall behind you. You sit down with a sigh, and prepare for the long, tedious wait that you will be forced to endure until you are finally, finally summoned by a dour, surly clerk bellowing your name over a loud speaker to stand at a series of numbered windows to complete your business. Going to the DMV used to mean sacrificing half your day minimally, in a really gross boring place; is it any wonder we dread going there? My driver’s license renewal form came in the mail last month, and I have been procrastinating about getting there ever since. Yesterday, I bit the bullet and finally went. Imagine my surprise, when I emerged with my brand spanking new license in hand, a mere 20 minutes later. I was herded through so quickly that I almost had whip lash, and I never waited long enough to even see the grimy chairs, let alone sit in one. Huh? What just happened? Well, for starters, I learned a few things…

Control your thoughts. I had the above preconceived notions in my head from the moment my renewal form arrived in the mail. I hemmed and hawed, put off going, got grumpy every time I saw the chore still sitting on my to-do list. Did my pre-conceived notions live up to all that hype? Not in the slightest, in fact, it was the complete opposite; I will even go as far as to say it was almost a pleasant experience. Try to keep an open mind and tackle mundane chores as soon as possible- you will save yourself a lot of time and energy spent on better, more important things.

My mug shot. Who actually likes their license photo? Is mine perfect? Nope. I would have liked the woman to take 10 more shots so I could peruse through them and pick the nicest one, after all, I will be stuck with it for quite some time. I was startled however, when I got out to the parking lot and compared my old expired license with the new one. I can see a few more wrinkles and smile lines than I had four years ago, time stops for no one- but there are two remarkable, more important differences. Instead of the unsmiling fat woman with the sad Eyore expression looking back at me, I am grinning, almost beaming, in the new photo. Best of all, I have one less chin then last time. Do I think the decision to smile for this photo was a conscious one, or a mere result of whipping through the DMV in a sprint? I doubt it; I hadn’t given it any thought ahead of time. Your face simply reflects how you feel. I am simply more fit and happy than I was four years ago and it shows.

This last thing isn’t really something I learned, but something that occurred to me while hanging out in the DMV looking at all their posters etc… Think about all the rules and laws you need to know to legally drive a car. My teenager started driving recently- the manual for new drivers is much thicker than I remember it being when I took my test when I was a kid. We make them memorize that book, take a written test, a driving test etc… Once you obtain a driver’s license, it can be taken away for failing to comply with the laws. I am not a fan of being micromanaged or of “Big Brother”- the following is certainly unrealistic, but think about this. Our bodies are much more valuable and need to last much longer than any car we will ever own. Nobody gives us a manual telling us to how to take care of it, or maintain it for good health. We aren’t tested about what we know about nutrition before we go off on our own in the world. When we break natural “laws” like eating nothing but junk for days on end, nobody gives us a ticket, or penalizes us in any way. If you are a mom or a caregiver and you feed your family and kids crap, you are causing bodily harm to them in a way, yet nobody is hauling you off to jail for injuring others. I know we teach kids about healthy eating as best we can in school, and that they should be learning the value of a good diet at home- but imagine what the obesity rate would be in this country if we made people get a license to operate their bodies- really made them understand how the body works and the ins and outs of nutrition. Imagine if a cop could slap you with a summons for eating to excess at Mc Donald’s? ☺

Had a so-so week. Still smoking, still exercising. Food stuff is a mixed bag- good days and bad. Only lost 1 pound this week, weighing in at 257.5. Yes, the food police would have ticketed me for stress eating, though a jury of women would have let me off the hook for sure if I tried to fight it- I have had a long week taking care of three rambunctious boys home on Spring Break, lol. A little anxious too, 5 K coming up and a possible Peter project looming that’s pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone a bit- more about that another time. I have been wanting to whip out a voo doo doll and stick pins in him this week. ☺

Almost forgot to add this- kid’s say the funniest things sometimes. Two little guys, both 5- had me laughing hysterically this week on two different occasions. Glad I found the humor in it, or they would have made me cry. The first one saw me eating Trader Joe’s Buffalo Jerky (low in fat, good source of protein, no nitrites) and was alarmed and horrified- yelling at me to stop eating the doggy treats. I almost choked on the piece I was trying to swallow at the time this statement was uttered. Child number two was snuggling down into bed, being all cozy and cute during his bedtime routine. He picked a moment between bedtime stories to innocently ask me if I was going to have a baby. Perplexed and not sure what the thought process here was, I figured I’d take the bait and ask… “Ummm…no. Why?” Answer? “Well your belly is big; I thought you had enough room in there for one!” Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! LOL Evidently, I am not dieting and exercising nearly as much as I should be. LOL



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