Pam’s Blog: “This week my goal is to snack better”. Should we be snacking?

That’s Club Member Pam and her husband Nick above during a pushup contest. Don’t feel sorry for her; she did 20 while he did 40. But he’s a Greek Spartan :-) . They are awesome role models for their kids.

This week Pam identified that she wants to snack better instead of nibbling on her 2 young daughters “treats”. Should we even be snacking. Yes and no. Snacking or eating small portions every 2-3 hours seems to keep our metabolism going and gives us fuel for our day. Having said that, I know many people who never snack who are in great health.  It’s a personal choice that you should make based on your lifestyle and results.  If you want to snack, check out our healthy snacks on the club page under “Downloads > Menus”. Enjoy!


So this week I have decided that I need to make better choices for  my snacks.  I love to snack and I have two little ones who love to snack too.  What I realize is I can’t have all the snacks that they have because I’m not 2 or 4 and my body doesn’t burn the fat the way they do.  I have to keep focus on the end result and that is to be healthy for me and my family.  I’m also trying to teach my kids good choices when it comes to food and snacks. I feel it is important to start early on what is good and what isn’t because, it isn’t as easy to teach an old dog new tricks!!  However, I will continue to try and learn new ones!

What’s your favorite snack? Leave a comment.

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