Video: 5 Minute Greek Salad

Watch Peter make his favorite healthy salad in minutes, straight from Greece. Recipe below:

If you know any Greeks, you may know they’re passionate about their salads and having the freshest ingredients, prepared in the simplest way.  The salad below is one of the countless variations of a “Horiatiki”, pronounced, “hor-ya-ti-ki”.  Remember to eat WWOFLS- Wild, Whole, Organic, Fresh, Local, Seasonal.

Nutrition: 2 cups of salad is approximately 150 calories


Beefsteak tomatoes, 2 large, cut in 1/2 inch chunks

Red onion, 1 chopped

Kalamata olives, handful, pitted or not pitted

Capers, 1 tbsp and some juice

Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (preferably from Greece), 1 tbsp or more

Red wine vinegar, 2 tsp

lemon, 1/2, big squeeze

Oregano, parsley, dill, salt & pepper to taste, fresh or dried

Feta cheese, 1 oz good quality, preferably imported from Greece

Variations- lettuce, cucumber, grilled veggies, roasted peppers, raw peppers, or whatever you love)


Place all ingredients in a large bowl and squeeze half a lemon over the salad, add cheese or let everyone do it themselves, and serve.  That’s it!

Hints: Do not mix in wet ingredients until ready to serve. Bon appetit!


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  • Liza

    Hey Pedro… Good segment tried your salad “Nick” said red onions would be better and forget about the capers he thinks black and green olives are best and what happen to the grape leaves??? He said……

  • peterk_admin

    Thanks Liza. Great points brought up by Nick. He knows his food. I like all his recommendations. Tell him to submit his favorite recipe and I’ll make it. It has to be healthy :-)