A squat that will strengthen your legs, as well as stomach

My most successful clients have been with me for years. They all have strong legs and cores, as well as flat stomachs, and not one of them does sit-ups or crunches.  Here’s their secret; a variation of a squat that tones their legs and stomach and helps them look great in the warmer months. They do it during their 5 MTF+ Workout.

Start- Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart, take a deep breath, here’s where the magic begins:


  • Tighten your core by gently drawing in your belly button.  It’s as though you are going to the bathroom, except a little higher up, at your belly button level. This creates pressure in your abdomino-pelvic area and activates your core muscles.
  • Now while breathing and keeping your core tight, slowly lower yourself down as though your sitting in a chair. You have to protrude your behind out.
  • Make sure your knees stay behind your toes, don’t lean forward too much, and look straight ahead.
  • Go down to 90 degrees knee bend, or before you feel any pain.
  • Come back to the starting position and repeat while keep ing your core engaged.

Beginner- Start with 5-10 reps daily and increase weekly by 5 reps

Advanced- Do 20 reps with every 5 Minutes to Fitness+ Workout 5 minute set for a total of at least 80 squats per day. To get the extra burn, hold the squat in the down position on the last rep for 10-20 seconds.

I personally start every set with squats. The leg muscles are the largest muscles in the body and will burn the most fat and calories when kept toned.

What’s your favorite squat exercise?

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